IAAO Conference 2020 - digital konferanse


Welcome to the IAAO Conference 2020! On behalf of Unit, we are pleased to welcome you to this year's conference.

Konferansen er digital og informasjon om oppkobling blir publisert i forkant av konferansen.

The International Association of Admissions Organisations (IAAO) is an international community of practice for admissions professionals, bringing together senior colleagues from centralized higher education admissions services around the world. This year's event in Norway will provide an informal forum for discussion on the challenges and opportunities, and sharing of good practice, related to the delivery of higher education admissions.


About the IAAO

The International Association of Admissions Organisations (IAAO) was founded in 2008 by centralized postsecondary education admissions organizations from all over the world. The association, made up of the heads of the centralized admissions organizations, provides a forum to exchange information and insights that can aid the further development of centralized admissions. 

This event is by invitation, and is aimed at current and prospective members of the IAAO. The event will benefit those working in senior positions at organizations delivering centralized or shared admissions services for higher education, with an interest in sharing experiences and understanding how shared admissions services are managed in different settings around the world. 

The event was first hosted in London, England in 2008 and has since been hosted in Australia, Oman, Germany, Croatia, Sweden, UK at twice by Canada.







Dato og tid:

Fra: 24. september, 2020, kl. 09:00
Til: 24. september, 2020, kl. 13:00